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Fluffy Thing Fridays – Chickens!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Ok so I was totally raised Catholic and went to Church on Easter all the time.  Keep in mind, mass on Good Friday is basically the most depressing service EVER.  It’s basically a funeral.  There’s no singing, there’s no pretty flowers.  There’s a black shroud and a reminder that we are shitty humans but Jesus died for us anyway.  Which means today is supposed to be a somber day where I mourn the death of Christ and repent the sins that he died for.

In reality, I’m totally eating Cadbury Mini-Eggs and watching Jesus Christ Superstar.

Which basically means I’m going to hell.  But honestly, if you haven’t seen this movie or play.  YOU NEED TO.  Even if you’re not Catholic.  It’s a classic Hippie Rock Opera.   And the movie is EPIC.  Go forth and watch.  GO!!

On to fluffy things…..last year I did a tribute to Easter featuring mostly bunnies.

This year we’re going a different direction.

So this is a Silkie hen.  It’s basically the Rock Star of Chickens. I mean look at the Floof!  This is the Angora Bunny of Chickens.

silkie 319

And honestly, chickens are pretty awesome.  We totally take them for granted.  I mean they provide us with some most epic Omelets.

Puppy…..GTFO of there!!


Look at that little face!


And that dapper little hat!


And one of my fave pictures of all time.





My OCD is Running Rampant

Hello All,

I have been a little AWOL the last week or so because it has been disgustingly busy at work.  My co-worker who is the other minion in my department is on vacation so I’m pulling double duty this week.  Add on that it’s a short week because of Good Friday and I’m pretty busy.

On a good note, I’m settled into the apartment despite the fact that I STILL don’t have my new sofa.  Estimated delivery was 4-5 weeks from purchase because it was a custom build.  That originally put me at the week of April 8th.  Well guess what?  Still no sofa.  I finally got through to someone today by calling the head office vs store and got an answer of April 26th OR the 29th.  Saturday the 26th would rock because I wouldn’t have to take off work, but Tuesday the 29th is doable.  And honestly that’s the end of next week.  So I’ll survive.  The whole thing is just frustrating.  The woman at the head office basically told me that the sales guy should have never told me 4-5 weeks on a custom order.  She said it’s 4-5 weeks for ready-made/already in the factory.  You pick your own fabric and they’re building it from scratch presuming they have the fabric in stock.  Pisses me off when sales guys pull this shit.  I mean I’ve already paid for the damn, sofa.  At least be honest with me about the delivery time frame.  It’s not like I can ask for a refund, so your commission is a sure thing!!

Because of this lack of sofa, I’m still feeling a little lost in the apartment.  I mean it’s a big component and because of it, I still can’t put up all of my art.  It’s frustrating to be in a home for a month and still not have everything settled.

What does this all have to do with OCD?

Well I’m on a bit of a post-unpacking organizational spree.  I’ve puttered around with my kitchen cabinets, my linen closet, my bedroom closet, my books, my DVD’s.  You name it, I’ve organized and probably re-organized it.  So where am I at now?  I officially started cataloguing all of my books.   There’s my print books, my ebooks, books I’ve borrowed over the years and my epic “to read” list.

I use Goodreads to track most of this stuff recently but I’m finding that my biggest challenge is with a series and waiting for the newest instalment.  I forget about it or can’t keep track of when the new book is coming out and then a year later I go….what about??? Only to find out it came out like 8 months ago.  So I’ve designed this epic spreadsheet to help me organize everything.  It’ll allow me to:

  • sort by the usual title or author
  • sort by series title
  • sort by read/not read
  • sort by own/don’t own
  • sort by release date (I’m only populating titles that are NOT released yet)
  • sort by own but have NOT read
  • flag all of the titles that have not been read by filling the cell RED

 Once it’s finished, it’s going to be epic.  Right now I’m just in data-entry mode.  Is the whole thing crazy?  Totally.  But I find is soothing to plug away at a project like this and when it’s done,  it will help me keep track of new releases.  I’m also trying to figure out a way to make it alert me when a release date approaches.  

Do you use a system like this?  Do you even care?  Do you think I’m bat-shit crazy? Do you just jot shit down on post-it notes?

This is what happens when a Booknerd goes tech  people!!!



p.s.  Know that the spreadsheet has taught me the most?  I read too damn much!!!

But isn’t it pretty?!?!

book list 2
Click to view larger

fluffy thing friday

Fluffy Thing Friday – Big Dogs being Big Babies

I’m totally a cat lady but that doesn’t mean I don’t love dogs.  I LOVE dogs.  My lifestyle just isn’t dog friendly at this stage.

Now when I say I love dogs, I mean DOGS.  Real dogs.  Not itty bity yappy things.  I mean Pugs and Frenchies are adorable but I don’t really want my dog to look like a stuffed toy.

I mean cute as this little dude is?  Jasper would kick his ass.


I like big dogs.  Not huge beasts that you could ride into battle (although I would TOTALLY ride that into battle).


But what I truly love about big dogs?  Is that they can be total babies.

Like this dude who doesn’t want to go to the vet.

dogOr this guy. Who is totally pulling that “if I can’t see her, she can’t see me” trick.


Look at that face.  He’s all.  What IS THAT?!?!


Then there’s these big guys who have totally been put in their place by an itty bitty kitty.


Not to mention these dogs that THINK they are lap dogs.

Is there even a person under there??



But if they’re big puppies or fluffy little kittens.  They’re all our “babies”.



fluffy thing friday

Fluffy Thing Friday – More cute than you can handle

Happy Friday all!!

Ok so as you know, I love me some kittens.   But there’s a few things that I ESPECIALLY love about kittens.  That would be kitten bellies.  And kitten paws.  And guess what?  When kitten bellies are exposed, there’s usually some adorable floppy paw action right along with it.

See example 1.  The exposed belly.  It’s just screaming to be rubbed.


Here is another example of the exposed belly with the floppy kitten paws.  This too screams, rub my belly.


Example 3.  BOOM.  Belly.

Ragdoll sunbathing

Followed by some extreme paws.  Extra toes means extra cute.


Add it all together?


And you literally have something I’d be willing to let MAUL me just so I could rub the belly and play with the floppy paws.  Look at those eyes?  He could kill me and I’d be all “Awwww.  That’s ok.  I didn’t need that arm.”




Is EVERYONE getting Married? A follow-up…

I wrote last year that I was becoming frustrated by the fact that EVERYONE and their brother seemed to be getting married and engaged.

Well guess what?  Those people that were getting engaged last year?  Are getting married this year.

First off is my ex. The Facebook Gods tell me that he got married at the end of January.

Awwwwwwwwwww.  Apparently fiance #3 actually became wife #1.  Considering the dude is bat-shit crazy I don’t have much faith in a long lasting union.  Although he is uber-Conervative and religious so it could work.   But he’s a Cop and they tend to have high divorce rates so ya never know.

Screw you…Jasper is AWESOME.

Facebook doesn’t have any wedding photos (not that I REALLY want to see them) but they did post some engagement photos.

1. Her ring kinda sucks.  Which part of me is happy about because my ring kinda sucked too.

2. He’s gained like 30 lbs and it shows.

3. He’s got a buzz cut and is growing a beard which looks like shit on him so I’m hoping at 34 he’s per-maturely going bald.

Is it unhealthy that I snooped at the pictures?  I mean honestly I was curious.  I’m not upset about it.  I really was just curious.  But is it wrong that part of me is glad he looks like shit and potentially will be having a train wreck of a marriage?  I know it’s petty but he’s an asshole and emotionally put me through the wringer and was one of the key reasons why I ended up in therapy.

How about you guys?  Doesn’t everyone snoop on their ex’s Facebook page?

How would you feel if a guy you almost married, married someone else?