Work Retreats

Hello Everyone,

I haven’t posted because last week I was away at a 3-day work retreat.  Yup, that’s 3 days of team building, corporate stuff, training and planning.

View from my balcony


First off, it was LONG.  3 days doesn’t seem that long but when you’re having breakfast at 6:30am, in a boardroom from 8am to 5pm then doing dinner/fun/team stuff from 7pm to 11pm….it’s a LONG day.  Especially considering you’re in a group of 30+.  The introvert in me was glad to just get a shower by myself.

But long days aside it was nice.  We got a little spa treatment early on Wednesday (and my skin didn’t freak out).  We had great meals and a beautiful resort to stay at.  There was also a lot of training, a lot of planning, a trivia night (that my team of 4 totally won 1st place in) and some line dancing (in case you’re curious, there are no pictures).

All in all, although it was a hectic 3 days, it was a nice break to get out of the city and up in the country (despite the mosquito bites).



p.s. The drive was GREAT.  Lots of empty country roads for me to have fun on.


fluffy thing friday

Fluffy Thing Fridays – Math?

Happy Friday all!

Today is a particularly good friday, because yesterday we officially finished up our year end accounting at work.  YAY!

Year end means a lot of math, a lot of spreadsheets and potentially a lot of hair pulling and tears for me.  We’re talking looking for a $27 error amongst thousands of transactions.  What makes it worse is you don’t know if you’re looking for $27 or if you’re looking for $21 and $6…..or $7 $9 and $5.  It’s a needle in a haystack people!!!!

So with math on the brain I give you the following…..










I Have a LUSH Obsession

Confession time people.

I have an addiction to LUSH products.

To start, I have fairly sensitive/dry skin and because I’m very fair it means that any skin irritation is VERY noticeable.   Having sensitive skin, or reactive skin, means it doesn’t like fragrance, chemicals or other fun things that are in many beauty products.

Enter LUSH.

I have to mention for a moment, that I actually hate going into the LUSH stores (sorry but it’s true).  They’re crowded, I feel like I’m going to bump into a mountain of precariously stacked soaps and knock the whole thing down.  That and because many of the products are unpackaged, the smell is overpowering.

But onto my obsession…..

I pretty much use a LUSH product on evry part of my body from hair stuff to shower stuff to lotion stuff to face stuff to foot stuff.  That’s a lot of little black pots.

But for anyone who’s got sensitive skin or just wants to use some products that smell yummy in a natural way (think citrus, oatmeal and cocoa butter) here are my recommendations.

1. Rehab Shampoo – I use this as my clarifying shampoo and it doesn’t dry your hair out at all.  And it smells fantastic.

2. Skin Drink – this facial organizer is incredibly soothing.  It’s a great go-to daily moisturizer that’s not oily and doesn’t irritate skin while at the same time is pretty soothing thanks to Avocado and Aloe

3. Cosmetic Warrior – this facial mask is awesome if you’re skin decides to go nuts and break out.  It’s got garlic and tea tree oil and doesn’t dry you out (although if your skin is SOOPER dry or cracked it’s probably not a good idea.

4. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner – this is like an in-shower body mask that you use after you wash (but you rinse it off).  If helps with dry skin as it’s very moisturizing and honestly smells AMAZING thanks to Rose, Vanilla and Argan Oil.

5. BUFFY – this is basically a brick shaped exfoliating bar.  You use it on wet skin (but don’t necessarily wet the bar) and you rub it on anything that needs exfoliating.  Backs of arms, elbows, knees, legs.  You name it.  And because of the cocoa butter, it’s moisturizing.

6. Bath Bombs – these are totally frivolous but they’re pretty smelling, makes the water feel fantastic and I like a good soak in the bath so these are a nice treat.

7. Dream Cream – this is my go-to body lotion.  Seriously, for dry skin this stuff is great.  It doesn’t have the greatest smell but it’s natural smelling with oats, camomile, rose water etc.  I slather this stuff on when I get out of the shower.

8. Silky Underwear Dusting Powder – this is also kinda frivolous but it’s basically a non-talk based baby powder.  Honestly, it just makes your skin soft and pretty smelling.  They say it helps absorb moisture and it does but it’s not really going to stop serious sweat.

9. Volcano Foot Mask – this is an exfoliator, moisturizer, deodorizer….you name it, it does it for your feet.  Doing an at home pedicure?  You need this.

10. Mint Julips Lip Scrub – I tend to get dry lips in the winter (welcome to Canada) and this was actually given to me as a gift and it was awesome for sloughing off dead skin.  But I have to admit, for the price, I wouldn’t buy it again.  My mom taught me years ago to deal with dead skin you basically get some Vaseline and a toothbrush made for babies (aka softest ever) and use both on your lips after a shower. Scrub scrub.  Dry lips gone.  Then slather on your best healing lip balm and you’re good to go!

So this is my top 10.  I’ve tried a few other body lotions or soaps but these are the things that I’d buy again (or do buy on a regular basis).  That being said, my  biggest issue with LUSH is the cost, their stuff is pretty expensive.  Yes it’s vegan and organic and they’re against animal testing (yay) and they use minimal preservatives and additives, but some of their stuff is EXPENSIVE.  Also, their soaps and many of their bath products don’t come in a package, which although better for the environment makes it difficult to store at home over multiple uses.

Do any of you guys shop at LUSH?

Do you love it?

Do you have a love-hate relationship with it?



fluffy thing friday

Fluffy Thing Friday – Because this week was crap and I need some cute!!

OMG this week has been the hottest.  It’s been hitting the high 30′s (so high 90′s my American dears) with a crap load of humidity which is instant sweat the second you go outside.  It also means my hair’s a mess and I actually got a heat rash the other day.  Not cool… pun intended.

Anywho….onto cuteness!!!

Is this a dog?  A seal?  I don’t care, it’s squinty and fluffy!!!




Why did I need a bath?






Hobbies and Time

I was chatting with one of the girls I work with the other day about Knitting.  Yup, I’m a closet Knitter.  I gave a bunch of my friends Knit/Crochet gifts this past Christmas and it was FUN.  I’m not a big TV watcher but I find it’s relaxing to knit while I sit and relax.  It makes me feel like I’m NOT being lazy while doing a Netflix Marathon.

I haven’t been knitting at all the past few months because of the move and the fact that I’ve been reading so much.  The whole thing just made me think that my hobbies are just too damn time consuming!

Actually, reading it not a hobby.  It’s a life choice M’kay?

But clearly, if you’re reading, you can not also knit.  Unless you get Audio Books which would actually be AWESOME.  Talk about killing two birds with one stone, but alas, I enjoy the feel of a real book so my two hobbies shall never cross paths.

What are some of your hobbies?

Do you have a closet hobby that you don’t talk about?