Welcome to Fall Cold Season

Ok, so one of the downsides of fall, which usually comes with some drastic temperature fluctuations, is the fact that everyone and their brother is fighting a cold, or has a cold.

Let’s face it.  My immune system hates me on the best of days.  Between shitty sleep,  crazy work hours, seasonal allergies screwing with my system (eff you Ragweed) public transit and various other factors I just can’t deal with being surrounded by sick people.  resized_all-the-things-meme-generator-disinfect-all-the-things-8d5e1f

As soon as someone in my office sneezes, I basically chase after them with a canister of Lysol wipes.  I disinfect everything that is common use.  The coffee maker, the fridge handle, the photocopier, the boardroom phones.  Not to mention my whole desk and the desk of anyone who so much as sniffles.

It takes a lot of effort to not get sick when  you’re already a bit run down.

But I have faith.   Ok I wouldn’t so much call it “faith” as an obscene amount of Vitamin C, but you get where I’m going with this.




A Few of My Favourite Things: Fall

I love fall.  I’m going to totally pretend that we didn’t have a major heat wave last week and embrace the cooler weather.

I love fall.  By the time fall hits, I’m usually so done with the heat and humidity that it’s not even funny.  This year is no different.

But fall is beginning.  Last night was cool enough to burrow under blankets and wear fluffy socks.

Today is full on sweater weather.  I love sweater weather.  It’s cozy, it’s snuggly and it makes me want to curl up with hot tea and a book.  I seriously love everything about this time of year.  The socks, the scarves, the sweaters, the warm soup, the apple pie with cinnamon,  the pumpkin spice latte’s.  I love all the fall things!!!

Am I the only person who doesn’t love summer?  I mean I’m pale, and I have curly hair.  Summer is the season of frizz and sunburns for me.  It’s not fun.  And honestly, I look better in fall and winter colours.



Fluffy Thing Friday – Heat Advisory

Hey all,

I’ve been in the middle of a mental drought.  I’m over my bought of insomnia but it’s been hot out (summer likes to go out with a bang) and I’ve been working like crazy.  That plus the fact that I had a bit of a cold last week made me mentally sluggish.

Today, despite the fact that it’s September, is the hottest day of the summer.  It’s supposed to crack 40C (about 104F for my Americans) which sucks to say the least.

With that in mind….I think we all need to cool off a bit.




dog in pool

Happy Friday and keep cool.



Fluffy Thing Friday – Motivational Kitty Sketches

First off…..have we all read Text from Dog?  If you haven’t.  You should.


So apparently the guy who is the owner of said Dog has started leaving little motivational cartoons for people to find on the train to work.  I find this awesome.  On so many levels.

motivational-sticky-notes-cartoon-cat-october-jones-1 motivational-sticky-notes-cartoon-cat-october-jones-10 motivational-sticky-notes-cartoon-cat-october-jones-14 motivational-sticky-notes-cartoon-cat-october-jones-15I have so much love for this.

These are just my favorites.  Here’s the rest of the series.




Return of the Insomnia Monster

As anyone who has problems sleeping can tell you, insomnia is a total and utter bitch.

I’ve been lucky the past few months that I’ve only had the odd night here or there where I just couldn’t seem to sleep.  But apparently my luck has run out and my insomnia has returned with a vengeance.  We’re talking Jason in Friday the 13th levels of vengeance!  UTTER DESTRUCTION!!

Pretty much!

For the second week in a row, I’ve been running on an average of 3 hours of sleep a night.  Last night was night 11.

When you have insomnia, you tend to focus on numbers.   Like if I fall asleep right this SECOND, I can get 2 hours and 27 minutes before my alarm goes off.   You start to calculate how late you can actually set your alarm and still make it to work on time and ya know, still look like a human being.  Then you start negotiating with yourself and determining what parts of your beauty routine can be skipped.   Because honestly, if you don’t dry your hair or shave your legs you really can sleep for another 20 minutes.  PRIORITIES PEOPLE!!!

I find insomnia to be a vicious  cycle.  I sleep badly so I drink more coffee during the day to keep me going so I have a harder time falling asleep that night.  It’s cumulative, so when I finally get some sleep on a weekend I sleep later than I should which again makes it that much harder to fall asleep at a reasonable time.  By then I’m a zombie who looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket because all attempts at managing my hair become non-existent.

And the longer you go without sleep, the more obsessed with sleep you become.  All day you think about going home and going to sleep.  How much sleep you did or didn’t get tends to be an ongoing dialogue in your head.  Which makes it that much more frustrating as you lie in bed and stare at the wall.  That’s when the anxiety starts to set in.  How long will this last? How am I going to function at work tomorrow?  Why can’t I sleep?  And guess what?  That just makes it all worse.  And there’s no meditation or aromatherapy in the world that will help.

Trust me!  Last night I had a nice hot bath with camomile and lavender essential oils.  I soaked and was practically dozing off in the water.  But by the time I rinsed off, fed Jasper and got into bed I was wide awake again.  I’m not big on taking pills to help me sleep and honestly I find they don’t necessarily help that much.  If anything they make me feel like I have a hangover in the morning.  Speaking of that….BRAIN FOG.  Brain fog is a huge issue when I’m lacking sleep.  You know that feeling like you’re talking in slow motion?  Like you literally have to walk through water just to go to the copier and pick up something you printed?  Brain fog makes everything harder.  If denied enough sleep I am fully capable of misspelling my own name. You think I’m kidding?  Yeah I’m not.

So here’s to hoping that I sleep tonight.  If I don’t I’m probably going to pick up a natural sleep aid and pray that it helps.  I was going to go to the gym tonight and literally go till I drop but honestly, the very thought of it was so horrifying to me this morning that I left my gym bag at home.

So what do you do when you can’t sleep?  Speak up my fellow sleep deprived people!  Honestly I’m willing to try ANYTHING.



nyereadathonimage1LOL this has also happened in the past.  Not at the moment because literally, the words swim on the page in front of me but yeah, totally guilty of this.