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Fluffy Thing Friday – Bathroom Privacy

I’ve totally talked about this before. But pet owners know that getting 2 minutes to yourself to go to the bathroom by yourself is a bit of a luxury.

Don’t get me wrong.  People with kids totally have it worse.  But there’s something unique that animals do when they follow you.  Mainly, they want you to pet them while you poop.

Yup you read that right.

My cat has figured out that if he jumps on the ledge of the bathtub when I’m in the bathroom, he can then climb into my lap for a minute of cuddles.

Is it awkward?


Is it TMI?


But it’s reality.

And apparently I’m not the only one.



That’s quite the audience.


Cat what are you doing?


Dog you too?


Ok that bunny is adorable with those cheeks but seriously bunny,   what are you looking at?



Be a Unicorn!

Hey everyone.

Happy Friday!

If you read that in a chipper voice you’re exactly right.  Yesterday it was warm enough to walk home from work and there was sun and the snow is melting and I love it.  I’ve spent too much time the past few months stuck indoors because it’s physically painful to go outside in -30C (screw you Mother Nature).

Any who.  This morning I was reminded of a funny story from work a few weeks back.  I had helped one of the Directors with a relatively simple tech issue but she was so stunned and happy that she called me a “Magical Unicorn that swoops in and saves the day”.

A Magical-fucking-Unicorn.

Hell yes!

Let me back up for a second.  I was never one of those unicorn-princess loving kids.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t cry during The Last Unicorn.  An epic 1980s animated movie that rips your guts out.

But Unicorns are kinda awesome.  And they’re an opportunity for humor.  Because seriously.  They poop rainbows.





I love Sebastien Millon.  And he uses Badass Unicorns in quite a bit of his stuff.  And it’s awesome.apocalypseunicorn2 copy_860



So be a Unicorn!  A glitter pooping, rainbow puking badass Unicorn.



Just another reason why I think Sebastien Millon is great.  Seriously.  Check out his stuff seriously.


Btw….I find it hilarious that I wrote a post about Unicorns on Friday the 13th.

Daylight Savings Time, Hump Day and Monster Issues

Happy Hump Day everyone!

This week has been brutal for many.  On top of the time change (screw you Daylight Savings Time, I want my hour back!) the weather in Toronto has been incredibly inconsistent.

We’ve got from -25C to + 6C in a matter of days.

Yay but at the same time, it’s a shock to the system.

So in order to cheer everyone up I found the cutest thing ever.  This guys has created a bunch of t-shirt designs around “Monster Issues”.

Here’s the full thing but these are my faves:

funny-fear-problems-monster-issues-teo-zirinis-15 funny-fear-problems-monster-issues-teo-zirinis-16 funny-fear-problems-monster-issues-teo-zirinis-22



Link to purchase the t-shirts


Jobs, Unemployment, and Being an Adult

First off….I didn’t get fired.  I don’t think I’m going to get fired.  That’s not what this is about.

Moving on!

I recently started my 8th year with my current employer.  This would usually be cause for celebration right?


Employment anniversaries mean performance reviews (stressful) and salary reviews (potentially good but stressful).  As many people have maybe noticed.  The economy still hasn’t 100% bounced back in all industries.  Including mine.  During a time when clients are cutting budgets and financial targets are not being met, it makes me nervous that the company will be taking a close look at my salary.  This isn’t the time to be asking for more money.  This is the time to be thankful for the job you have.  And the money you make.

I can’t help but think that one day they will look at me and say, hey, we could hire someone right out of University and pay them half of what we pay her! This is true.  How do I know it’s true?  Because I got this job pretty much right out of University myself.  Could they find a 22-year-old to do my job for half of my salary?  Maybe.  Considering students are willing to pounce on just about any job offer out there it’s more than feasible.

Har har.
Funny but not funny.

I’m not walking around paranoid for my job.  I mean all these thoughts have crossed my mind.  Especially when I hear about friends and colleagues getting laid off.  It’s not pretty out there.  But why does it scare me?

First off.  I’m alone.  Yes I’ve got my parents but if I were to lose my job I would have to find a new one FAST.  And we’re not talking about getting a job back at the bookstore like when I was in University.  We’re talking a full-time, corporate job with a Salary equivalent to what I’m currently making.  Do I feel like even talking about this is bad luck?  Hell yes.  But at the same time, I think this is something that is a reality for many people.  And I think that worst case scenario, it needs to be something I need to consider as a possibility.

What would I do?

How much do I have saved?

How long could I last on my own if I wasn’t able to find a job quickly?

How much am I willing to compromise on things like contract, salary, benefits and distance from home?

I think if we don’t think about these things, depressing as they may seem, as a single person living alone I believe every one of us should have a plan.  It doesn’t need to be overly detailed.  I’m not talking about post-apocalyptic zombie planning.  I’m talking about having a realistic conversation with ourselves and potentially our families about what we would do if faced with this scenario.

What would you do?

How much emergency planning do you think is necessary?



A Knitters Work is Never Done

Almost 2 years ago, I taught myself how to knit.  I had been crocheting since my Grandmother taught me when I was a kid.  But one day I had decided I wanted to be all crafty because my art skills suck and I’d start making stuff!

Jasper gets “crazy kitty eyes” when the yarn comes out.

For the first year I practiced my stitches, learning cables and all kinds of cool things but I was pretty much just making things that were square.  Or square-ish.  Ya know, scarves and little blankets.

Some time last year I got sick of all things square and was all OMG I’m going to make a sweater!

Yeah right Ash.  Yeah right.

First I taught myself how to make mittens.  Because making a sweater isn’t easy and I wasn’t going to invest that much money into buying nice yarn for something that had lopsided sleeves and a buttons that don’t line up.

So I practiced.

Am I right Katie?

Many of my friends were the recipients of my “practice”.  Yeah I’m talking about you people that got fingerless mitts for Christmas!  After knitting almost a dozen mittens, I decided I was going to teach myself how to make SOCKS.  Newsflash….socks are a bitch to knit because you’re using super fine yarn and itty bitty needles.  But I’m now obsessed with sock knitting.  Oh the patterns and the options!  So much fun.

I’ve also picked out my sweater pattern, purchased my yarn and started knitting!   But knitting a sweater requires focus because the pattern is intricate.  So I’m switching between working on my sweater and knitting socks because I can’t work on my sweater while watching TV.  Socks are great because they’re small and light andrepetitive.  I can knit while watching TV, shove that crap in my purse when I go to my parent’s place or cart it around with me wherever I go (not quite at the knitting on the train to work stage but it’s possible).

But what’s so great about it all is other knitters!!

Knitters are cool!

They’re young (old ladies at heart though), they’re funny, they’re friendly and they’re EVERYWHERE.  There’s a bunch of knitting and yarn shops in Toronto and every one I’ve been to has been fun and filled with friendly people.  I follow a few YouTube gals that do online knitting tutorials and guess what?  You have a question and they will answer the shit out of it!  Even at the stores, I mentioned something in passing and this woman was like, oh here I’ll show you how to do that.  Knitters love teaching other knitters.  They swap patterns the way our mom’s swapped cookie recipes.  And it’s fun.

So yeah, I’ve turned into a little old lady carrying around her knitting bag.  And guess what?  I’m damn proud of it.



And some more knitting humor for you….

tumblr_lq0te20zPT1qb95jvo1_500 gutterbrains
                                     This is totally going to be me when I’m older.
            Knitting Tattoo’s are totally a thing!
Chrissy…not me but TOLD YOU! Don’t drink and knit. It’s BAD.
            I make socks and shit….


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