Happy New Year!

Good Lord it’s the middle of January but Happy New Year Everyone!  Sorry for my long absence.  It’s been a while.  How are ya?

Life is good.  Cold but good.  The other day it was -22C with the windchill.  That’s like -7F for you Americans (good lord that doesn’t make sense to me but whatever….Metric system for the win!!)

I hope everyone had a great Holiday season.  I had a pretty busy one.  Between Birthday (woo for turning 31), Christmas (woo for new books!)  and New Years (woo for finding a cab at 3am!) there was a bunch of parties to go to and lots to eat and drink (woo for not puking!).  Which leads me to the belief that I actually need to have a dry January.  I drank more in the last 3 weeks than I have in the last 3-4 months.  Stretch that….the last 6 months.  Let’s just say that I haven’t been too nice to my body.  Not enough sleep, not enough healthy food and too much alcohol.  So January’s resolution is to get back on track.

*pause*  I wrote this post and it sat in drafts because……

Annnnnnd I have Bronchitis.  Yeah my lungs hate me.  I was running an insane fever and was out of the office for almost a full week.  Which  considering I haven’t taken a sick day in 3 years is CRAZY.  But we’re talking, hacking cold, high fever (102.8F baby!) and there was no way I was coming to work.  Heck there was no way  I was getting out of bed.  And I didn’t.  But on the plus side I totally lost weight being on the bronchitis diet with the 24/7 cough ab workout!

But onto happier things.

I’m still knitting up a storm.  My lovelies that got knitted gifts for Christmas have encouraged me to up my yarn game so I’m working on Socks.  Yup I’m making socks.  And sock yarn is a beautiful thing.  I mean it’s a bitch to work with because it’s very fine and requires itty bitty needles but it’s pretty and soft and comes in cool hand dyed patterns that stripe on their own!! Yeah self-striping yarn is a thing yo!

I feel like I’ve got so much to catch up on and yet everything feels the same.

How are you all?  And how is your New Year going?



Cuteness for you just because!  No this is not my cat or my knits but seriously….isn’t this something I’d do?!?!?!  Poor thing.


fluffy thing friday

Fluffy Thing Friday – Ramblings from an Exhausted Mind…and Beavers

This isn’t really a blog post.  It’s not really a FTF post.  My boss is on vacation for 2 weeks and of course everything that could go wrong is going wrong.  We’re handling it, but it’s pretty chaotic, or at least it was the first part of the week.

Anywho.  Suffice it to say, I went to bed at 9:45 last night and am feeling a bit more AWAKE today.

So I bring you this….itty bitty Beaver….itty bitty Beaver tail…..itty bitty Beaver feets!!!

You’re welcome.




Fluffy Thing Fridays – Service Dogs

I think Dogs with Jobs are adorable.  We all know that some breeds were made to work, and they love it!  They thrive on it.  The other benefit is that it’s incredibly adorable.

Aw dude you’ll grow into it.


So wrinkly.  So sleepy.  Such HUGE paws.


Doesn’t he look excited for his first day!?!?


In general dogs are awesome.  Especially this little guy who has the awesome job of tracking down people that have lost things at the airport…..by scent alone.



fluffy thing friday

Fluffy Thing Fridays – Huskies!!!

Happy Friday everyone!  I speak to you from the comfort of my living room.  Yup, I took the day off work and am catching up on a lot of things.  But before my actual “work” starts, I’m enjoying some coffee in my pj’s and munching on yummy toast with peanut butter.

You all know by now that I love both puppies and kittens.  But in all honestly, I’m not a fan of “toy” dogs.  You know, those little things that you can carry around in your purse?  I mean if your dog is smaller than my cat, it’s not a real dog.  I like real dogs.  Which is why I love my neighbors dog Elsie.  Elsie is a 100+ pound Rottweiler.  And she’s adorable.  And mauls me with love kisses in the elevator all the time.  Being confined in an elevator with a scary biker dude with a huge Rottweiler isn’t for the faint of heart.  But Elsie only wants to kill you with her love.  And her drool.

But speaking of big dogs, one of my favorites is the Husky.  They’re big, they’re smart, they’re cuddly and they’re gorgeous.


Aww what a cute little badass.


They make awesome surrogate mom’s.


They are also silly as hell.


Yeah, because Huskies are basically wolves.  Which is awesome.  As is this Halloween costume.


I didn’t know this, but apparently Huskies, if let to their own devices will get into ANYTHING.  They are basically like 80 lb cats.


Yes, that is a Husky that has climbed a cat tree in order to get a better view out                    the window.


What?  They like the cold.


Yes.  Yes I do.


See?  Silly.


And if you didn’t know.  Huskies are vocal as all hell.  They howl, they talk, they sing.  And they clearly speak “baby”.

 In case you weren’t already convinced of their adorableness.  Here’s a baby Husky learning to howl.

Your’re welcome.



Fluffy Thing Halloween – Animals with Pumpkins!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Hope everyone has a fun night and enjoy some adorable animals with Pumpkins.

1Are you mocking us?  Kinda.  And it’s adorable.


I LOVE big cats.


OMG piggies!


I know Racoons are a pain in the ass but I think they’re adorable.




And for some entertainment, check out this video. It’s quite common for zoo’s and sanctuary’s  to give big animals (especailly the cats) pumpkins because they’re not only fun to roll around and play with but they’re tasty and healthy for them.  The are a vegetable after all.



And here’s Jasper from last Halloween…