Therapy Turned Me into a Watering Pot

OK so I started “seeing someone.”

No not a guy.  A therapist.  OK, actually she’s a social worker.  But bottom line, I started talking to someone because I’m tired of feeling well tired.  Not physically tired but mentally and psychologically.

Now I’ve seen some immediate benefits and had a few “Ah ha!” kinda moments but what I’ve noticed the most is that going to therapy has turned me into a big bawling baby.

                Best cry face EVER

– I get good news, I cry

– I get bad news, I cry

– I’m tired, I cry

– I’m stressed about work, I cry

– Something disappoints me, I cry

– Something really cool happens, I start crying

– I read a book with a sappy ending, I cry

– I read a book with a horrible depressing ending, I cry

– I watch a depressing documentary on Netflix, I cry

– I go to therapy, I cry

– I get home from therapy, have a shower and have a substantial cry

You get where I’m going with this?  I feel like I’m crying over everything and it’s driving me insane.  I am not a crier.  I mean seriously.  My grandfather passed away, I didn’t cry at the funeral.  I’ve broken up with boyfriends totally dry eyed despite how upset I actually am at the time.

Now?  A fucking Hallmark commercial can make me cry.

I get that this is normal and blah blah, emotional release, it’s healthy.  But it’s pissing me off!!

So brain, hormones, whatever it is that’s making me cry all the time, can we cut this shit out?


P.S. Am I mental?  Did any of my therapy going friends experience this?

16 thoughts on “Therapy Turned Me into a Watering Pot

  1. I’ve definitely gone through phases where EVERYTHING has made me cry. I think sometimes your body just needs that release, and if you’ve gone through a long phase of not crying over much, it builds up and that happens. 🙂 I think it will pass, but for the time being I wouldn’t fret too much about it. Clearly your body needs that emotional release! 🙂

    1. I hope it passes, because right now I feel like a spazz. I was reading a book the other day, albeit an emotional book, but I was crying for like 30 pages. I could barely see enough to read, it was THAT bad.

      And crying in the shower after Therapy seems to me like my new ritual.

      My cat thinks I’m nuts, he always comes over to investigate. Poor little furball thinks I’m going off the deep end.

  2. Yep. Totally normal. It’s like your outsides match your insides and, like bluemoon said, having that pent up for so long means it’s bound to come out at some point. And, yes. I cry all the time, most of the time for reasons I don’t understand. I cried a lot in therapy and over things I didn’t think I would cry over. Shoot, a good commercial can make me cry now. I think after the work you’ve done so far in therapy, and all the “a-ha” moments that have been revealed to you, it would be more abnormal to not cry.

  3. Absolutely normal. I’ve always been emotional, but therapy forced me to acknowledge the sources of those emotions and for awhile, they kept bubbling to the surface. I’m still emotional – Hallmark commercials, baby animals, inspirational speeches, don’t get me started. But there are definitely phases.

    1. I get that, it’s exhausting to be so emotional, especially when crying all the time isn’t your normal mode of functioning. Hang in there and take care of yourself!

    1. Well. I’m no therapist, you should probably trust the professional. But you know. If the therapy doesn’t seem to be helping after a while it might not hurt to get second opinion. With or without a prescription pad.

    2. Yeah my issue right now is that yes, therapy has helped me narrow down WHY I feel the way I feel and some triggers and stress points. But nothing at all on how to manage it, get past it or heal from it. Which is frustrating because I’m all….what next??

  4. I see your pain, that’s got to be annoying as hell! I’m a bit of a crier myself but my biggest problem is that whenever I get very frustrated or angry, that’s when I can’t stop it, especially annoying when you want your manager to take you seriously at work…at the same time, I can easily cry on demand so if I decide to go into acting I got that one down!

    seriously though, I think everyone could benefit from some therapy. I know I’d love to go talk to someone to get stuff off my chest and my stuff isn’t even big stuff. Just to get an outlet for things we naturally bottle up.

    Hope the therapy sessions help!

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