Its a New Dawn. It’s A New Day. It’s A New Blog…..

And I’m feeling good 😉

Hello all.  If you haven’t noticed, things are looking a little different around here.  I’ve been working over the last week or so to pull up my roots with Blogger and transfer over to WordPress.  Along with that, I made the decision to Self Host and spruce things up a bit.

If you by any chance look at any of my older posts you’ll notice that the formatting is INSANE.  That’s just the nature of transferring between platforms that like each other about as much as Apple and Adobe do.   Anywho.  So I will be doing a lot of cleaning up and making improvements as well as trying some fun new gadgets.

Despite the new look, it’s still the same old Ash.

I had to add a kitten so you'd recognize the place ;)
I had to add a kitten so you’d recognize the place 😉

There will be cute stuff, funny stuff, random stuff, scary stuff and serious stuff.  There shall be books, cats, ramblings and rants.  And a decent amount about OCD (if you didn’t notice, those two lists were in Alphabetical order….AS THEY SHOULD BE).  And of course stuff on some of my other fun quirks.  I’ll talk about being a nerd and may even do a thing or two about knitting.  Thrilling I know.  Try to restrain yourselves.

But I’m excited.  It’s a new year.  One that I’m hoping is a hell of a lot better than the last one.  And I figure if I want change to happen in my life, I have to start somewhere.

So here we go!!



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    1. Thanks hun! Yay for successful comments! Still not getting notifications. I’ve emailed the Powers That Be aka. Spencer to see what the heck is going on.

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