Reflections on a Girls Night Out

So I was invited out by one of my book club girls.  It was going to be a simple night out for drinks with some of the friends of one of the other book club girls.

What it turned out to be was shots at one of the girls apartments followed by almost 5 hours of dancing in 35C weather (that’s about 95F for my Americans) at a Cougar Bar.

Did I mention that I’m a totally rock chick?

Well I am.

Not to say that I can’t dance, I’m half Latin so I CAN dance, it’s just typically not my idea of fun because I usually don’t enjoy the music.

So here’s some of the things I learned:

  • Don’t part with the 40+ recently divorced crowd.  They will out drink you, out dance you, and make out with more men in one night than you have in the past year (no joke).
  • Don’t do shots.  Just don’t do it.  Although, when it’s that hot out and you’re dancing, you burn off the alcohol really quickly and don’t even have a buzz.
  • If you’re going to dance for more than 20 minutes, don’t wear high heels.
  • If you’re doing to dance for 5 hours, you should probably stretch or something first.  I’m pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my hip.
  • If you’re 28-31 (which our group is), avoid going to a Cougar Bar.  You’ll not only get a lot of attention, but you’ll get a lot of dirty looks from the chicks who presume you’re encroaching on your territory….seriously we just wanted to dance.

For the boys:

  • Don’t just stand around the dance floor with a beer staring at the girls dancing.  It’s creepy.
  • If you’re going to try and dance with a random chick, hands to yourself for a bit.
  • If you’re going to dance with a chick who is clearly MUCH younger than you are, don’t be offended if she kinda shy’s away and resumes dancing with her girlfriends
  • If you’re going to dance with a chick who is clearly OLDER than you are, don’t be a perv and overtly grope because you presume she’s drunk and/or desperate (one of the guys was totally handsy with one of our older ladies.  She was potentially old enough to be his mom)
  • Just because a chick dances with you, don’t presume she has any intention of giving you her number and/or going home with you.

On a side note, the world truly is a small small place.  One of my friends from book club, introduced me to one of her friends from College who happens to LIVE IN MY BUILDING.  No joke.  We were thrilled because we got to share a cab home.



p.s. The upside of going to a Cougar Bar? They tend to play a lot of music from the 80s!!!

4 thoughts on “Reflections on a Girls Night Out

    1. I had a GREAT time actually. Although seriously, I have muscles in my hips, thighs and abs that hurt from all the dancing. No joke almost 5 hours and we only sat down to ya know….pee.

  1. I’m laughing at the fact that you “pumas” were getting dirty looks from cougars for encroaching on their territory.

    Why don’t we have similarly themed names for men?

    1. LOL one of the guys I work with called me a baby Puma when I turned 30.

      Apparently the 50+ crowd are Panthers. Who knew. But yeah, we got no outright bitchiness but a few glares.

      Yeah we really need a naming system for men.

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